Earnings for women up to 21,000 dollars thanks to the program “Surrogacy – Motherly embrace

Agency of surrogacy “Motherly embrace” allows any mother aged 18 to 36 years to participate in the program ”Surrogacy”.

Today, a large number of couples suffer from infertility and this is the reason that they all turn to the procedure of in vitro fertilization. An important role in this process is played by a woman who can become a mother and bear a healthy child for future parents.

How is replanting embryo?

Embryo transfer (or embryo transfer) is a completely painless procedure in which the doctor transfers a 5 – day embryo into the uterine cavity through a soft and small catheter. The main feature is the need for bed rest in the first 2-3 days after the transfer, but no side effects in women are observed. From now on, you will receive pregnancy-supporting therapy, be under the attention of the best specialists and receive all the necessary support from our side.


Frequently asked questions on the program: “Surrogacy»

Who are surrogate mothers?
What are the conditions for the inclusion of women in the surrogacy program?
How is the preparation of the endometrium for embryo transfer? How is the transfer of the embryo into the uterine cavity of a surrogate woman?
What is the difference between a normal pregnancy and a surrogate?
What are the features of childbirth during surrogate pregnancy?
Is it possible to have children after the surrogacy program?
What is the time after the surrogacy program takes the rehabilitation of the reproductive function of women?
Why choose our Agency of reproductive technologies?


Feedback from program participants:

О программе: Суррогатное материнство

Benefits of the program

A decent extra income
A decent extra income
Payment from the first month

Our requirement:

  • 1Age from 18 to 36 years.
  • 2Have a healthy child (children).
  • 3No medical contraindications.
  • 4Moral and psychological stability.
  • 5High level of responsibility.
  • 6Spouse’s consent to participate in the program (for those who are married).
  • 7Ready to move during pregnancy.
Completed questionnaire