There are millions of people in the world today who are eager to have children but they are not able to do it. Fortunately, there is in vitro fertilization program. Now every girl aged of 18 to 30 years can become a donor and earn a decent fee. – Motherly embrace

About the program

Egg donation is used if smb’s own eggs cannot be used for various reasons, for example, because of high risk of genetic diseases. In this case, future parents seek help in finding an egg donor.

Egg donors can be women who have reached 18 years of age, but not older than 30 years, who have their own healthy child (children). The egg donor should not have any genetic diseases or predispositions to it. A woman applying for an egg donor must have good physical and mental health, attractive appearance and moral stability. She has to live healthy lifestyle. After the approval of the donor by the parents and the doctor, the donor is stimulated and after the puncture of the eggs financial reward. Having being passed 3 monthly cycles a woman can become an egg donor again or even become a mother again. Our Agency offers good living conditions in Kiev for foreign egg donors, also we provide with payment of travel, flights and meals.

Frequently asked questions about the program ” Еgg Donation»

Who are egg donors?
How to get into the program of donor eggs or surrogacy?
How does the ovulation stimulation happen (production of eggs)?
How does the ovary puncture happen (egg retrieval)?
Is it possible to have children after donating eggs?
How long does it take to rehabilitate the reproductive function of women after donation program?
Why it is better to choose our Agency of reproductive technologies?

In Ukraine, egg donation is regulated by the Law of Ukraine regulated by the Law of Ukraine “Fundamentals of legislation of Ukraine on health protection” (Art. 48), the Order of the Ministry of health of Ukraine “on approval of the Instruction on the procedure for the use of assisted reproductive technologies” dated December 23, 2008 № 771 (registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 20.03.2009 under № 263/16279).

Feedback from program participants:

About the program: Еgg Donation

Benefits of the program

Timely remuneration
Examination in the best clinics of Kiev
Housing, travel and food
Notification of necessary procedures
Personal tutor

Donor requirements:

  • 1Age from 18 to 30 years.
  • 2The presence of a native healthy child (children).
  • 3Physical and mental health.
  • 4Attractive appearance.
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