Surrogacy center “Motherly embrace”

We offer the best conditions for cooperation with egg donors and surrogate mothers. Try yourself! – Motherly embrace

Welcome to Motherly embrace

We are proud to announce that we are a team of professionals. Our Agency’s employees make every effort to ensure that our patients, egg donors and surrogate mothers are comfortable in all situations.

Cooperating with us you get a number of advantages. Here are some of them:

  • You have your personal curator, who is always in touch and is ready to assist in all issues;
  • We provide surrogate mothers with accommodation in Kiev during the program. If it is necessary to move, we shall manage it;
  • You take examination, stimulation and other procedures in one of the leading reproduction clinics in Kiev;
  • You are provided with psychological consultation;
  • You will have legal support concerning all necessary documentation;
  • We cover expenses for food, accommodation and travel;
  • You are under professionals’  supervision all the time.

Our team

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Vita Lashchenko, Obstetrician-gynecologist

First of all, we take care of our customers and their health!

Mobile : +38 063 198 50 81

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Zhanna, International Department Manager

Travel and earn with us!

Mobile : +38 095 680 55 78

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Andrew, Translator

We communicate with customers in 4 languages expanding the boundaries of the world.

Mobile : +38 063 198 50 81

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Ivan, Office Manager

Taking care of our customers is very important for us!

Mobile : +38 063 274 71 89

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Irina, Nurse

Nothing is more important than health.

Mobile : +38 063 515 93 32

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Marta, surrogate mothers’ manager

Surrogate mothers are guaranteed to have support throughout the program.

Mobile : +38 063 146 34 60

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Anna, Surrogate mothers Department Manager

We provide wit full range of services for surrogate mothers in Kiev.

Mobile : +38 066 113 86 75

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Janina Y., Psychologist

We monitor your emotional state throughout the program.

Mobile : +38 050 270 75 49

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Lee, Translator

There are no borders for you to realize your dream if you do it with.

Mobile : +38 063 198 50 81