Egg Donation

We are looking for pretty girls to participate in the program “Egg Donation”.

Surrogacy Motherhood

We invite women to participate in the program “Surrogacy Motherhood”.

Agent program

We are constantly looking for agents and partners for cooperation. We need egg donors and surrogate mothers.

Frequently asked questions

The question of donors: Can overstimulation happen to me?
The donor: What kind of hormones I will be injected?
A question asked by surrogates: what if I have twins?
The question asked by surrogate mothers: Suddenly I'm in some need?

Why us?

We provide with free examination

Each girl takes medical examination and maintenance in the best clinics of Kiev.

Personal service

Each girl is given a doctor, a personal curator and a psychologist.

Accommodation in Kiev

We provide each girl with accommodation for the duration of the program.

Surrogacy Agency: “Motherly embrace”

Who are we?

Motherly embrace is an agency having a goal to assist families to realize their dream, to believe miracle and to give birth to a happy child. We are United by one business where modern technologies, experienced professionals and sensitive employees assist us to turn dream into a real miracle.

Our team consists of specialists who work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week providing with constant search, organization and control over the management of surrogate mothers’ pregnancy.

Our partners are the best clinics of Kyiv, which have established an excellent reputation in the field of reproduction.

Application for participation in the program

The way we work with donor

  • 1You are applying for participation
  • 2We get to know You
  • 3We add You to our donor base
  • 4When parents choose you we contact YouYou take tests in a clinic
  • 5You take tests in a clinic
  • 6A doctor performs stimulation
  • 7Produce egg sampling
  • 8Pay the agreed fee

You become a donor


The way we work with a surrogate mother

  • 1You are applying
  • 2You come for a primary examination
  • 3You receive test results and we sign the notary deed
  • 4Preparation for transfer
  • 5Transfer
  • 6Confirmation of pregnancy
  • 7Pregnancy

You become a surrogate mother


Partner clinics